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IT Services. Desktop, Web, Mobile, HMI, Scada, PLC, VOIP Application Development. Shoutcast, Live Streaming, VOD Services Provider. AIML, Dev Ops Consultants

Desktop Apps Development

Accumulated significant expertise in developing desktop apps for Windows, Linux, & MacOS

Web Apps Development

Our process of web development evaluates all the needs & objectives of online biz

Mobile Apps Development

our mobile application development services are designed to deliver cutting-edge

Cloud Service

Cobra Services for cloud provides hybrid, cloud services across security-rich environments.

Cloud Security

Cobra It cloud security for a Hybrid Cloud World. Cobra It cloud security Make Sure Your Data Stays Safe.


VoIP service is the service that you get from a company that allows making and receiving VoIP calls.

Live Streaming

Livestreaming refers to online streaming media simultaneously broadcast in real-time.

Data Engeneering

Data Pipelines gather data from multiple sources, transform it into analytics-ready data.

Shout Cast

Shoutcast hosting is a streaming audio solution allows radio stations to broadcast effectively.

We provide quality solutions for clients

We at Cobra Softwares endeavor to provide quality solutions as customer contentment is our prime objective. we are a client centric organization and always strive hard to offer the best quality services to our esteemed clients

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We have 20 Years of Experience of all IT solutions

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We have more then 20k satisfied client these work with us.